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"What's an ip-od?"

I may or may not have spent half the day making a new theme for my nano based off of Starwars: KotOR... I am such a loser. I'm trying to make the volume icon be a lightsaber powering up, if that makes sense, but i'm having trouble getting it to look right. I think it's because it doesn't have the bzshuzn type sound you always associate with it. I really need to clean up my ipod though, i have like way too many programs that i never use on it that are taking up space- and i probably don't need like the thousand and one fonts i put on it when i first modded it. I may of went a wee bit overboard. But now i'm going to strip off all the waste and make it a sleeker, sexier version. Oh the joys of ipod-mods!
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