February 15th, 2007

happy accidents

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I'm so sick. I'm sleeping like a million hours a day. I saw my doctor this morning and she wrote me some prescriptions (because i'm not taking enough pills already... ha!) so hopefully that'll help but i'm not feeling terribly optimistic. I always dream so funny when i'm sick. 

Speaking of dreams, I watched the Science of Sleep and loved it but I can totally see how it can basically be compared to Eternal Sunshine without, you know, Kaufman's writing. 

And...speaking of Charlie Kaufman, who i totally dated in a past life, anyone else excited about the movie he's working on right now? Yeah, he's actually writing and directing for the first time- which just typing that sentence honestly got me a little wet. I seriously can't wait to see what his mind comes up with. The basic story is about a theater director who is trying to like build a life size replica of new york city inside a warehouse for a play. Ug, I hate waiting for things. 

Other news... um, nothing. My life is devoid of meaning. Ha! I sleep, i go to school, i eat and in the rare moments i find myself with actual time to spare i try to fill it with mindless tasks that'll keep me from questioning my existence. Oh the joys of winter.
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